About us

Presence in the world

We are actually present in America and Asia, in 8 countries: Mexico, USA, Guatemala, El Salvador, Venezuela, Philippines, China and India.

In Mexico, the first missionary work dated from the year 1941 in Tampico; in  USA,  the first community was founded in San Antonio in 1950; in Guatemala, the first work dated back from 1955 in Mazatenango; China was founded in 1966; Venezuela in 1974; in 1981, we arrived in Philippines; and in 1998, we began  our missionary presence in India.

We are present in Mexico D. F.; in the State of Mexico, Michoacán, San Luis Potosí and Tamaulipas. In United States, we work in 4 dioceses with immigrants. In Central America, we have projects of evangelization in Guatemala and El Salvador. In South America, our missionary presence is in Venezuela. 

In Asia, we are rooted in Philippines, India and Macau, China. The contribution that our Institute offers the Church is EVANGELIZATION through formal and informal education and works of human promotion between believers and non-believers. We have also collaborated in Argentina, Peru, Honduras and Costa Rica and some other dioceses of United States and Mexico as we participated in projects of evangelization on a temporary basis, forming pastoral agents and supporting parishes that are starting their organization.