Do you want to be an MPS?

MPS Formation

The Congregation has the duty to firmly form those who feel called by God to live this style of life, based on the charism of the Missionaries of our Lady of Perpetual Help. Such formation is divided by stages:

Vocation Ministry: is the period or process of accompaniment that is being offered to the girl so as  to help her clarify her vocation and she may know how to respond to the Lord in a specific state of life. 

Aspirancy: It may be done in her home or in a specific community.

Postulancy: It takes place in a specific community and there is a mentor responsible for her process. 

Novitiate: It has a time of two years and is realized in a specific community with her mentor responsible for the process. 

Minor Juniorate: It is a period of two years, in a particular house and with a responsible mentor. 

Major juniorate: comprises a maximum of four to seven years, in an apostolic community where both academic and religious study are combined with the apostolate.