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On the 17th of September 1934, Ma. Teresa Rivera visited Miss Adelaida Islas in the house of the latter in Mexico - Tacuba No 385. After having a dialogue with her and after asking God’s guidance in prayer, Adelaida decided to give to Ma. Teresa the documents which Fr. Nistal had entrusted to her. On the following day, both had gone to the Archbishopric to present the said document to Bishop Sepulveda who saw it as God's work and then named Ma. Teresa Superior General. He recommended her to stay in Mexico City where she already had the support of the Redemptorists.

Providentially the both works, i.e. that of Fr. Agustin’s and Ma. Teresa’s have the same inspiration, the same name and they were accompanied by missionaries Redemptorists. Adelaida Islas had rules and Ma. Teresa had the people.  They decided to join and start a new chapter in the journey of the dream and beloved work of Fr. Nistal and M. Ma. Teresa.  The common charism in both works is to live charity, go to the most abandoned the catechetical formation of peoples, villages and outskirts with missions and schools and lastly, boarding schools for poor children.  Seven days after the presentation of the documents, the group of Ma Teresa wrote to P. Nistal to communicate with him and to present Him as the author of the constitutions where they found the same ideal in their work.

On  November 23, 1934 Ma. Teresa along  with a sister and a girl arrived in Mexico City, in the modest home at Puccini Street #38 in the Col. Peralvillo. To start in Mexico City  was really difficult.  

Having Ma. Teresa Rivera as the superior, the only Congregation of the Missionaries of our Lady of Perpetual Help began a journey that was increasing its presence in the Church of Mexico and in the world.

On November 5, 1937, Archbishop Luis Ma. Martinez gave them an approval "AD EXPERIMENTUM" for five years, while the Constitutions were not yet approved. In the last months of the year 1937, the records mentioned names of the following foundations: Tamasunchale, Cordoba, Zongolica, Veracruz, Col. Río Blanco in Mexico City, the house in Progreso #31, Villa de Guadalupe, where Ma. Teresa Rivera resided.  In the year 1937-1938 missionaries arrived in Pachuca with Sr. Guadalupe Irigoyen as the superior.

On June 24, 1963, the Congregation received the Diocesan approval from his Excellency Archbishop of Mexico, Cardinal Miguel Darío Miranda Gómez. In this celebration the Superior General and 128 sisters pronounced their perpetual profession. The total number of sisters was: 209, including 9 postulants. In 1969, a special chapter was held with Rev. Fr.  Esteban Martínez Marcos, CSsR as guide. It was carried out in two stages: elective and the updating of the Constitutions.  M. Romelia Cristy Franco was elected Superior General.

1975  celebraron el quinto Capítulo General en el que  eligieron  como superiora general  a la M. Marina Juárez Juárez. 

The fifth General Chapter was celebrated  in 1975 with M. Marina Juarez Juarez as the elected  Superior General.

In 1977, they received the Decree of Pontifical Approval which was proclaimed in the Famous and National Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe on June 27, 1978, by his Excellency Lord Archbishop Prelate of Mexico, Cardinal Ernesto Corripio Ahumada. On December 8, 1983, the Holy See granted definitive approval of the Constitutions. The Congregation held its first 50 years in 1984 with great joy and gratitude.

After the Pontifical Approval the Congregation expanded in 1981 in the Philippine Islands. It continued expanding to Venezuela, USA, El Salvador, Guatemala and in 1998 it arrived in  Bangalore India. In 2008, it launched the celebration of the Jubilee year to commemorate 75 years of its presence in the world with the theme: "GIVING LIFE FOR ABUNDANT REDEMPTION".

In the month of July 2009, we celebrated the Extraordinary General Chapter, with Superior General, M Julieta Mejía Urtis. The chapter was to work on the renewal our Constitutions in order for us to respond to the challenges and to the needs of the Church and the world.

The renewed Constitutions was presented in the XI General Chapter  which was held in 2011 where M. Cecilia Morales Tapia was elected Superior General.

From this General Chapter, the organization by Regions was done; each with its own process in giving all their efforts to be stable, firm and constantly dynamic as representative of the Congregation in the concrete reality of the Church and of society where they belong.After the most recent General Chapter, the orgaFrom this General Chapter was completed the organization by regions, each with its own process is giving all his efforts to be stable, firm and constantly dynamics as a representative of the Congregation in reality concrete Church and society to which they belong.