Charism and Spirituality

Charisma and Spirituality


The sisters, faithful to the Charism inherited from our Founders, set as the supreme norm of life the following of Christ the Redeemer as presented by the Gospel(cf. c. 662; PC 2 a) and continue His redeeming action radiating the merciful love of God, to proclaim the Good News to the poor and abandoned  (Lk. 4, 18).  (C#3)


Imitating the Divine Saviour, who in His life and preaching remarkably manifest His preference for the poor and humble (cf.  Lk. 4, 18 Mt. 11, 15), we, the Missionaries of Our Lady of Perpetual Help render our apostolate and educational action to those in need of  spiritual help, with special preference to those in most humble condition, but not  excluding anyone.

Among the needy, we also include the non-believers, to whom our missionary  Congregation with the missionary Church spreads the message of salvation leading them to the knowledge and full communion with Christ in the Church.  (C#4)



In imitating the filial union of Jesus with the Father (Jn. 17), we seek to attain sanctity through the interior life and the apostolic charity that   constitute for us an essential unity. We live contemplation in action as demanded by our missionary vocation.  We love our neighbour because we have     experienced the merciful love of God (cf. 1 Jn. 4: 20; PC 6 b and 5 e; LG 43 and 44; Can. 675; C 25; ET 45).  "We bear in mind that to be able to fulfill our mission, we should live the interior life, charity and obedience necessary for every apostolate”.   (C#5)

Marian Community:

“Mary is the great missionary, the Star of Evangelization and the Mother of the nations (DP 168). In her maternal and merciful face, we experience the intimacy of God. She continues the mission of her Son and is the mentor of the missionaries. She impels and sustains our apostolate so that all human beings find their unity in Him and be brought towards their goal, the new earth and the new heaven (Rev 21.1; Eph. 1.10; RMi 92; I Co 3, 23). "You shall have recourse to her each time you begin every work, asking her maternal blessing and the grace of doing everything in union with her " (C #72).